You've heard the word a lot. But what does it actually mean? 

And how do you know it's safe? 

Get the real lowdown on cleansing... 

What is a Cleanse?  Just as every diet is different, every cleanse is different. Some diets are healthy and safe, while others are not. The same goes for cleanses.  At the Supper Society we cleanse by outlining a structured duration of time in which we feed your body healthy foods that give the digestive system a bit of a break, while simultaneously allowing your body to “clean house” and reboot. There are many different types of cleanses, all of which help facilitate different goals. You can cleanse the liver, cleanse your body of sugar or eliminate certain foods or entire food groups. The Supper Society’s cleanses are geared towards a little bit of everything, in order to yield the best “you” possible.

Why Cleanse? Living in a fast-paced, busy city leads to toxic overload from pollutants, bad food choices and stress. Cleansing helps kick-start the body’s natural healing mechanisms and helps restore the health of your immune system, internal organs and energy levels. It also gives the digestive system a break so that your stomach and colon can clear out toxic build up. The Supper Society’s cleanses help facilitate this process in a safe, nutrient-dense manner, without sacrificing your metabolism or active lifestyle.


Enough Calories? Cleanses are only beneficial if you’re getting enough calories to keep your metabolism revved up and your energy levels high.  The Supper Society’s cleanses pack enough calories to get you through your workouts and long days at work. All calories on the cleanse are low-sugar, low-fat, low-glycemic, low-carb, nutrient-dense, fiber-rich and protein-packed. Because of this, each bite ensures maximum nutrition uptake per calorie. Foodies, fitness buffs and the health-conscious, alike, will all love The Supper Society’s cleanses.
The Big Picture? Cleansing in conjunction with an active lifestyle can help you achieve your goals more efficiently. A healthy diet paired with regular exercise not only helps you lose fat and gain muscle, but it also helps contribute to long-term health. You should never attempt crash diets or crash workouts; instead, focus on the big picture. Cleanses are merely a means of kick-starting a healthier lifestyle. Begin with our nutrient-dense cleanses and then use The Supper Society's tool kits, such as our meal delivery programs and our products, in order to maintain your daily health routine and continue on your journey towards wellness. Feed your body, feed your workouts and feed your life.